LUBBOCK, Texas – A Lubbock man was arrested on Thursday after being accused of causing severe injury to a child.

Ruben Castillo, 32, was accused of causing severe burns on the face, torso, lower abdomen, and genital area of a child after leaving her in hot water.

According to the police report, Castillo put the victim in the sink to rinse her off. The police report said the victim needed a changing but it was unclear if the child was wearing a diaper.

Castillo told police he left the child in the sink to ask the victim’s mother to bring the victim of change of clothes from upstairs.

Castillo heard the victim scream and when made his way back into the kitchen the water was steaming.

“[The victim] was pushing against the faucet and seemed to be trying to get as far away from the water as she could by cramming herself into the corner of the sink,” the police report said.

Castillo said the water was so hot he couldn’t put his hand under the water. He called numerous people to figure out what to do next and was told he needed to take her to the hospital. The child’s mother was able to get a ride to the hospital, according to the police report.

As of Friday afternoon, Castillo was in the custody of Lubbock County Detention Center and held on a $500,000 bond.

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