LUBBOCK, Texas — Michael Doshier, 26, of Lubbock was arrested by Lubbock Police Tuesday night for DWI with a child under 15. A police report said more than one witness called police to report a truck “driving recklessly” running red lights and one point staying parked in an intersection for three green-light cycles.

Police found Doshier’s pickup truck near 19th Street and Flint Avenue.

“I observed [Doshier’s] eyes to be shut and he was unaware of my emergency lights activated,” an officer wrote in a police report.

The police report said there was a “young child” in her car seat in the truck along with Doshier. The truck was still running and the gearshift was in drive.

“Based off my training and experience, I know that drivers who are passed out or asleep will leave the vehicle in drive and when awoken remove their foot from the brake causing the vehicle to roll into traffic and create a further hazard,” the police report said.

The officer placed a patrol unit in front of the pickup truck to keep the truck from going forward if Doshier took his foot off the brake pedal.

Then police opened the door to the truck and put it in park. Doshier was unable to get out of the truck, according to the police report.

Doshier told officers he had “two Smirnoffs” and police found a 25-ounce Hurricane beer in the truck. It was about one-third full, according to the police report.

Police asked Doshier if he knew what time it was. He said 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. The time of the traffic stop was after 8:30 p.m.

Officers were eventually able to get Doshier out of the truck.

“I observed he was unsure of his footing, off-balanced, and stumbling,” the police report said. “I observed [Doshier] speak with a heavy tongue, and slurred speech.”

“No injuries occurred,” the police report said.

The little girl was placed with another family member. Doshier was taken to the Lubbock County Detention Center where the charge against him was listed as a state jail felony. A blood sample was drawn at the jail.

In 2018, Doshier was arrested for DWI. The 2018 case was dismissed “in the interest of justice.”