LUBBOCK, Texas – A Lubbock man was arrested for a gun-related charge at a motel and was later charged with stalking.

An officer reported to the Satellite Motel to question Jose Martinez, 27.  

According to a police report, the officer detained Martinez. The officer searched the room with Martinez’s consent and found four rifles.

The officer found two rifles under a pillow one under the bed and one in a case separated into two pieces. The serial number on the fourth rifle was scratched off and painted over. After further investigation, according to the police report, the officer had evidence to believe the rifles were stolen.

Martinez was arrested for tampering with serial numbers and was also charged with stalking after a call came in from the victim earlier Thursday.

The victim called Lubbock Police to report a dispute with Martinez. The victim told police Martinez damaged the victim’s car with a cinder block, repeatedly detached the victim’s mailbox and urinated on the victim’s front porch.

“[The victim] advised several times that she is afraid of [Martinez] damaging [the victim’s] property, and possibly [Martinez] escalating things and causing injury to [the victim],” the police report said.

As of Friday afternoon, Martinez was in custody at the Lubbock County Detention Center on bonds totaling $22,000