LUBBOCK, Texas – In January, a minor reported a sexual assault to a school counselor. The minor claimed the abuse happened two years prior.

Lubbock police later named Donovan Picon, 27, as the suspect. He was arrested and booked into the jail Wednesday on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child, online solicitation of a minor, sexual assault of a child and sexual performance of a child.

According to police reports, the sexual assault incidents did not happen on the school’s property but did occur within Lubbock city limits.

The victim told police that when she was in seventh grade going into eighth grade, a guy “hit her up” on social media and said he could buy her alcohol.

Investigators noted nearly every mentioned time the minor was with Picon, he would provide a gift or promise her a gift for sexual favors.

The victim said Picon would tell her he wanted to keep seeing her until she turned 18, and then when she turned 18, he wanted to get her pregnant and start a family.

She told police she continued to message Picon even after she reported the case to the police because she did not want him to think anything “suspicious” was taking place.

Police obtained a warrant to download the contents of the victim’s phone in March and received confirmation from Snapchat that Picon’s account would be preserved.

During a police interview, Picon said he never asked the victim how old she was and said, “I know that’s my fault.” When an officer asked if it was correct that he knew she was under 18, he said, “Yeah.”

In the interview, Picon confirmed he became friends with the victim on Snapchat in 2020, possibly in the springtime. The investigator noted the victim would have been 13 in the spring of 2020.

Picon said he bought vapes for the minor and called the purchases a “thank you deal.” Police asked for clarification and asked if he meant it as “Thank you for having sex with me,” and he said, “Yeah, like that or just hanging out.”

During questioning, Picon admitted to continuous sexual abuse of a young child.

Picon told one detective he would “redo” things if he could because she is underage.

As of Wednesday evening, Picon’s bond amount was not listed.