LUBBOCK, Texas– A Lubbock man was arrested after court documents state prosecutors wanted his probation revoked in connection with a child endangerment charge from November 2016.

Fernando Rocco violated the conditions of his community supervision listed in his probation, court documents said.

At approximately 10:00 A.M. in November 2016, Lubbock Police responded to the Amigos grocery store, 112 North University, for reports of a young child alone in the store, according to a police report.

When police asked the child if he knew his last name, his parents’ names, their phone numbers or an address of where he lived, he told police he did not know, the report said.

However, the child was able to tell police how to get to his home, which was at the Corte Vista Apartments, 102 Waco Avenue, the report said.

Police arrived at the apartment the child directed them to and found Rocco laying naked passed out in his bedroom.

The report said marijuana was on top of a dresser scattered on a plate. Marijuana seeds and roaches were found on the floor and furniture throughout the apartment. Lastly, multiple meth pipes were located in the open closet next to Rocco.

Rocco was given six years of probation for the offense, court documents said.

However, Rocco failed to report to probation officers for the months of September through December 2018 and January 2019. He also failed to pay community supervision fees of $240 and failed to complete 20 mandatory hours of community service beginning in September 2018, court documents said.

Rocco remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center Monday.