LUBBOCK, Texas — Marcus and Vanessa Braziel filed court documents Friday to get back “approximately 29 firearms and firearm accessories” which were seized by federal agents from their Lubbock home in September 2019.

Both had already filed claims. The new court records on Friday provided additional information in their attempt to get the firearms back.

On July 2, federal prosecutors filed a complaint which sought to permanently keep the firearms. Prosecutors claimed that Braziel sold firearms without a valid FFL (federal firearms license).

In the complaint, prosecutors did specifically not tie Marcus Braziel to the gun used by Seth Ator in a mass shooting that took the lives of seven people in Odessa. At the time of the seizure, national news outlets including a report in the Wall Street Journal did make a connection between Ator and the raid in Lubbock.

“On or about October 8, 2016, Braziel sold an Anderson AM-15 rifle, serial number ending in 0756, to ‘S.A.’, a resident of Odessa, Texas,” the original complaint said.

Regarding that specific paragraph, Braziel responded that he “denies that the allegations contained in Paragraph 12 are true and correct.”

Braziel’s response on Friday also said claims made by the prosecutors were “incorrect, misleading, or incomplete…”

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Braziel also claimed that five of the firearms were heirlooms passed down to Vanessa Braziel.

A judge had not ruled on the issue late Friday.