Lubbock man finds driver’s licenses, social security cards on his morning stroll

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LUBBOCK Texas- One Lubbock man said he found several driver’s licences and social security cards while walking through his apartment complex.

Justin Williams said he commonly searches dumpsters to find things he can refurbish.

“I mostly find TVs, phones, lots of clothes,” he said. “A lot of clothes.”

He said while he was on his walk this week he spotted something out of the ordinary in the parking lot next to one of the dumpsters.

“I saw out of the corner of my eye all these little papers scattering around so I was going to go and pick them up and throw them away,” he said, “[I] got there looked closer and there was four ids and social security cards and different bank cards.”

Alarmed at his finding, he took to social media and posted on several Facebook groups to find the owners.

Williams said this reminded him of when someone stole his identity.

“It might not happen to you, but sadly it did happen to me about six years ago and it took forever for me to get my name cleared of everything,” he said. “So every time I see something like that, I’ll think back to that day when my identity was stolen.”

Williams said he was able to find the owners of most of the documents and that a lot of them live in his complex.

He said they mentioned their cars had been broken into that week, and that they were grateful to get their stuff back.

The Lubbock Police Department encouraged people through various social media posts to remove all valuables from their cars when they lock up for the night.

When one couple asked if they could pay him, he declined and said they should just pay it forward.

“I would want someone to do the same for me,” he said.

Allison Matherly, the Public Information Officer for LPD said she highly recommends residents call the non-emergency line if you encounter something similar to Williams.

“If you suspect a crime, it’s really important that you let us know,” she said, “That information can really come together to tell us about different patterns that are happening.”

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