LUBBOCK, Texas — A grand jury this week indicted Malcom Dixon-White, 25, of Lubbock for aggravated assault of a 14-month-old baby.

The baby girl’s mom brought her to University Medical Center on September 11, according to an arrest warrant. UMC staff then called police.

The little girl had severe head injuries. A doctor told police he could not be certain that the little girl would even survive.

The first story given to police is that the baby girl fell off a couch while wrestling with another child for a blanket. A doctor dismissed that idea as not consistent with the severe head injury and brain swelling, according to the warrant.

The doctor did surgery on the child and told police the injuries were more like a baby who had been shaken.

Police asked further questions. The mom was at work, and she stopped by a store on the way home. When she came home, she noticed her baby was not doing well. She brought the child into the emergency room.

At the hospital, she first told police the same story she had been given – that her baby fell off the couch.

Police then questioned Dixon-White. He admitted to hitting the girl with a pillow, throwing her onto the couch, hitting her with a shoe and a flip-flop, and then he also admitted to dropping the baby on the floor.

According to the arrest warrant, the baby’s injuries were so bad that she has little chance of a normal life.

Dixon-White was arrested on September 15. In addition to the assault charge, he was also arrested for an unrelated felony charge of prostitution (with someone under the age of 18).

He remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center Wednesday on bonds totaling $310,000.