A federal grand jury in Lubbock indicted Sherryol Elton Clack, 42, on Wednesday for aiming a laser pointer at an aircraft.  

A police report said on the night of November 1, officers were called to the 3500 block of 42nd Street.  A Department of Public Safety helicopter was operating in the area. The pilot and a tactical officer reported to police that someone on the ground was shining a green laser pointer at their aircraft.  

Police located Clack that night and arrested him.  Initially he faced state charges, but the indictment was filed in federal court.  After he was arrested, he was able to post bond.

The Federal Aviation Administration said in December,” Last year we received 6,754 reports of laser strikes against aircraft, a 250 percent increase since we started tracking laser strikes in 2010.”

“Intentionally aiming a laser at an aircraft is a serious safety risk and violates federal law,” the FAA also said. “Many high-powered lasers can completely incapacitate pilots who are trying to fly safely to their destinations and may be carrying hundreds of passengers.”

Under federal law, if convicted, the maximum penalty would be five years in prison.