LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock man was indicted Tuesday and accused of repeatedly beating his stepchildren and even stabbing one of them, according to court records.

David Minor, 37, was arrested and charged with a number of crimes including aggravated assault causing serious injury, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and injury to a child.

Minor was always angry and would throw objects at the children, especially if they tried to run away if he hit or punched them, court records said. One of the children said there were several “gun incidents” in which Minor would put a loaded gun in each of the kids mouths, threatening to kill them.

The children told investigators if they attempted to tell their mother about the abuse, Minor would make them drink hot sauce. Minor would always abuse the children after their mother would leave their home, court records said.

According to court records, if the children did not do their chores to Minor’s liking, he would yell, throw things at them or hit them with a cane.

Minor always made sure to punch one of the children in the stomach so a bruise was not visible, court records said. He would also punch the children on their upper arms and chest area.

Minor shot one of the children in the eye with a BB gun at one point, court documents said.

According to court documents, Minor threw one of the children over the couch. The child landed on his hand and popped his bone out. Minor wrapped up the injury and called the child’s mother. He also told the child to lie and say he “fell off a trampoline or something.”

Most of the children could not recall a specific time of the abuse by Minor, because they said he abused them all the time, court records said.

One child recalled seeing Minor pick up a sibling and kept “punching him in the balls” at least 10 to 12 times, saying they should not have kids that would turn out like them.

The children told investigators they liked when Minor would drink with his friends when they would come over, because then he would leave them alone. He also got into fights with his friends at times, court records said.

Child Protective Services had been called before, but Minor would tell the children to lie. The second time CPS was involved, Minor moved out of the home for two weeks until the investigation was over, court records said.

Although the children’s mother denied being physically abused by Minor, she was covered with bruises and did not want to talk about any of her injuries. Furthermore, she told investigators that if Minor found out she was talking to law enforcement and CPS, he would run and she did not want to be around when he found out unless he was arrested.

Court documents said Minor also told someone that he had an airsoft gun and that he would “not go back to prison, and that he has been practicing suicide by cop.”

Minor remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center Wednesday in lieu of bonds at $245,000.