Lubbock man nicknamed ‘homeless Spiderman’ goes viral as he stops runaway car

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LUBBOCK, Texas — A video of a Lubbock man jumping onto a moving car has gone viral.

Sergio Ramirez said he was in town visiting family when he saw a car outside of a Dollar General switch into gear, hit a curb and spin backwards in continuous circles. Ramirez said the woman who owned the vehicle had left it on while she went into a neighboring gas station.

“It was just chaotic. Everyone is running out of the store, the lady was kind of screaming — I mean — obviously because she [saw] her car going in circles,” he said.

Ramirez started recording the incident and said something unexpected happened.

“A homeless man that usually I’ve seen around a couple of times, just came out of nowhere,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez said the man jumped onto the car and was able to open the car door as it was spinning to put it in park.

“I didn’t know what was going on — I heard someone screaming,” said John Vasquez, the man who jumped onto the car. “I saw this car go in circles and I saw a friend of mine try to grab the door and she couldn’t get it. I was barefoot [and] I ran, [and] just jumped on it.”

Vasquez said the he lasted about a minute and a half on top of the car before he was able to stop it.

“I never did anything like that in my life,” said Vasquez. “The lady was like ‘oh my god – thank you, thank you, thank you — she was really excited, [and] my friend had his hands in the air.”

Ramirez posted the video on TikTok and said he received close to 1M views. A local group called Lubbock Meme King also posted the video on their Facebook Page and the video got almost 4,000 shares.

“They’re calling him the homeless Spiderman,” said Ramirez.

Vasquez said he does not know the woman’s name and has not seen her since the incident but that he’s glad no one got hurt.

“I’m glad her car is in one piece, it could have hurt someone, it could have gone into the store,” said Vasquez, “Anything could have happened.”

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