LUBBOCK, Texas — What is a microgreen? It’s in the name and a Lubbock microgreen gardener wants to teach people how to grow their own fresh greens to feed their families.

Warren Mahan, 38, has been a truck driver for twelve years, but said, “it’s hard to do when your children need you there, so I wanted to do something different.”

He began looking into microgreens and their health benefits and decided to start his own facility. Microgreens are vegetable greens harvested at the stage of growth between a sprout and leaf — the part of the process when they are packed with the most nutrients and phytochemicals, according to Mahan.

They have a more concentrated flavor and a smaller, more leafy appearance than typical vegetables.

“Microgreens can be anything,” Mahan said, “There are 60 different varieties of microgreens.”

Mahan said starting an at-home microgreen facility is worth the investment.

“Just having the knowledge of growing your own food and knowing what’s in it, is what you put in it,” Mahan said.

Becoming a microgreen gardener is easy and cost-friendly, Mahan said. All you need is 4 foot by 2 foot space to grow microgreens from your own home. Mahan recommended that beginners start with broccoli, salad mix, sunflower and peas as they are the easiest to grow.

Mahan was excited to announce that he would be at the Wolfforth Farmer’s Market for the first time this weekend selling his microgreens. He said his name and LLC would be set in stone by the end of the week.

To contact Warren Mahan for more information, call (806) 241-8584.