LUBBOCK, Texas –Tim Castleman tried his best to do everything right to be successful: He paid off debts, started a company, and did what he could to protect it from liability.

“I was doing what I think they tell everybody about acquiring wealth,” said Castleman.

But one bad review turned his life upside down.

“This American dream has new really turned into an American nightmare,” said Castleman.

Through his business, Castleman hired a company, originally called The Offline Assistant, but now called He said they made errors that would have cost him $8,000. So, he left them a bad review online. However, they quickly took legal action.

Castleman said he never received notice that the suit against him and his company had been given a court date so the case was defaulted to the Irish company.  He then owed hundreds of thousands and the suit allowed them to take his business and properties.

But Castleman feels they shouldn’t have been allowed to sue him personally in the first place

“My LLC should have not allowed them to seize my personal property, cause this was a business dispute. I hired him, I paid with a business card, on a business account everything was 100% business related,” said Castleman.

Castleman now facing a reality that he might owe money for 20 years because of this lawsuit.

“I can’t see how it’s beneficial to him either because the real world story is, ‘hey you had a dispute with this guy, then you sued him for a million dollars, then you cost him his business and all of these things.’ And that’s not me saying that, that’s the court showing that,” said Castleman.

So now he’s looking at filing for bankruptcy to give himself some protection.

“That’s why I have to file bankruptcy to protect myself and make sure I don’t lose anything, but it’s ironic because I have nothing left to lose,” said Castleman

Hoping that it might give him some hope amid this nightmare.

“The bankruptcy and having to start over is kind of a fresh start,” said Castleman. “I have to find some reason to keep going and not let this be the thing that defines me forever.”

But until then, Castleman his filed an appeal with the Texas Appellate Court and is waiting for a court date that could help him undo at least some of this damage.

“Liberty and justice for all. Where my justice? Where’s my day in court? And that’s what’s frustrating,” said Castleman.

Castleman and his lawyer are sending all their documents to the Appellate Court right now but say it could be anywhere from 3-15 months before they hear back on if and when they will get that day in court.