LUBBOCK, Texas – Chance Lee Copeland of Lubbock shot and killed a woman, according a jury verdict on Friday. The jury took roughly 20 minutes to find him guilty.

Copeland, age 30 at the time, arranged for a meeting with several people in June 2019 at a game room in the 400 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

During the meeting Copeland fired shots into a car hitting Preston Beadman and killing Cassie Oden, 37.

An eyewitness testified that Copeland was the only one who fired shots into the vehicle. He quoted Copeland as saying, “They’re going to learn not to mess with me.”

The witness said he saw Copeland pulling his gun from his waistband and heard at least five shots.

The defense made it out to be a careless or reckless shooting during a drug deal gone bad.

However, in closing arguments, a prosecutor told the jury, “When you empty a gun like that into a vehicle full of people, you are responsible for murder. That is a cold-blooded killing that took place”

The jury began deliberations at 11:03. The jury came back at 11:22 a.m. The court announced the guilty verdict for murder a few minutes later.

The same jury that found him guilty will begin the process of deciding his punishment on Friday afternoon.

CORRECTION: The day of the conviction was corrected and updated in this article.