Jesus Guerrero of Lubbock on Friday sued the Diocese of Lubbock – saying the Catholic Church false accused him of sexual abuse.  

All the dioceses of Texas were ordered by the Catholic Church to release the names of clergy who were “credibly accused” of sexually abusing a minor.  The Diocese of Lubbock was among them.

Guerrero was listed by the Lubbock Diocese as a deacon who had been removed from ministry. 

One portion of the lawsuit said, “Prior to his name appearing on the above referenced list of alleged child molesters, Guerrero had never been accused of sexual abuse and/or misconduct against a minor, nor had he ever been investigated for any sexual abuse and/or misconduct against a minor.”

“Guerrero has been a faithful servant of God in the Catholic Church his entire life,” the lawsuit said. 

Guerrero accused the diocese of libel and defamation. The lawsuit said his reputation was destroyed and he is the subject of contempt and ridicule. His lawsuit seeks $1 million or more.

The diocese has not yet filed its side of the story in court records. left a message with the Diocese of Lubbock to invite comment.