LUBBOCK, Texas — A self-employed Lubbock resident, Teddy White, 47, said his daughter has battled Osteosarcoma, a bone cancer, for almost three years. Now, his family faces another battle – his job was ripped from underneath him.

White and his family were at the hospital for his 16-year-old daughter Kynlee, when he realized his toolbox was missing.

“Around 6:00 a.m., I went out and smoked in my truck,” White said. “And that’s when I noticed…both [toolbox] handles were out when I looked out my rearview.”

White posted about the incident later that morning on social media.

White said he used his tools to start working for himself so he could have time to take care of his daughter who is going through her fourth relapse.

(Photo: Teddy White)

“She ended up getting an infection in the hardware of her right knee,” White said. “Probably in about two more weeks we’ll begin chemo again, but first she’s gotta heal from this.”

Although White said he hates the spotlight, his sister, Leslie Kesey, set up a fundraiser with his Venmo in hopes of replacing his equipment.

“I told him ‘you need to offer people a way to help you cause they wanna help.’” Kesey said.

Kesey also said that when White came into the hospital after learning his tools were missing, he didn’t tell Kynlee. “But she could see he was upset and said something he’s always told them, ‘Daddy, you can choose to be happy or be mad.'”

White said the situation was rough but, “I just wanna pray for them as well…for whatever made them want to do something like this.”