LUBBOCK, Texas – A gunman opened fire Tuesday afternoon at an elementary school in Uvalde, killing 19 children and 2 adults.

It’s a tragedy that is felt all across the country, so one mom decided to organize a vigil honoring all the victims that lost their lives. 

“A lot of the mamas were really having a hard time processing, all of these babies at the end of their school year, they were supposed to be starting summer,” said Kaitlyn Mankin, organizer of the vigil.

Mankin held her kids extra close the day of the shooting, empathizing with the hurt the community was feeling. 

“When you become a mama, you just want to protect them. You know, it’s just this overwhelming instinct,” said Mankin. “So, to hear that another Mama was losing the thing that was most precious to her and also the children that lost their moms that were teachers. I mean it’s painful.”

The vigil will be flameless, encouraging the community to bring flashlights, neon lights or cell phone lights. 

“We just wanted to create a space for the Lubbock community to be able to come together and grieve all the lives that were lost earlier this week in Uvalde,” Mankin said.

The event starts at 8:00 p.m. but is a come-and-go vigil.  

“What we decided to do is we just kind of wanted to have a memorial walk. So we will have different spots along the walking path at the park lit up with the victims’ photos and we’ll have an opportunity to just kind of walk along, and a time of remembrance,” said Mankin.

Mankin hopes that the community can come out and pay their respects.

“I just hope that they see that the community is still the community, we can still get together and support one another, even if we have different beliefs or ideals about certain things that we’re still here for one another,” said Mankin. 

The Park will be on Friday, May 27 at Charles A. Guy park.

An account has also been opened at First State Bank of Uvalde for the families of Robb Elementary. Donation checks can be made to “The Robb School Memorial Fund” and can be mailed to 200 E. Nopal St. Uvalde, TX 78801.

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