LUBBOCK, Texas – Local business and group for parents “Lubbock Moms Blog” turned one year old this month.

“In a year, we have grown our following across several platforms on social media to over 5,000 moms and dads and we also have had 60,000 page views,” said Chelsea Anders, owner and founder of the business.

Anders said she started the group after moving back to Lubbock because she wanted to give parents an opportunity to connect with one another.

“Parenting can be isolating,” she said. “The first couple of years of my parenting experience with a child that had a diagnosis was hard.

Although Anders said the group has gained popularity on the web the group makes an effort to actively enrage its members with the local community.

“We are meeting with the Lubbock Police Department to bring active shooter training to parents,” she said. “We are getting out there and teaching people about things that we think that they need to know in order to be more informed parents. So we are a resource, we are a business and we are here to make parenting on the South Plains better.

Anders said one of the goals for the upcoming year is to grow in diversity

“We are hoping is that we can grow enough some day to be the one-stop-shop for parents in the South Plains and save them time, effort and hopefully a little bit of sanity,” she said.