LUBBOCK, Texas — Stacy Harvey and Deborah Steppe said they co-founded the South Plains Stars and Shields Facebook page in order to get the community involved in supporting local Law Enforcement.

“There is a need to show support for law enforcement here, really all across the nation right now,” Harvey said.

Their most recent event, titled “I’ve got your 6,” — a common phrase meaning “I’ve got your back,” — started in June.

On the sixth day of each month, they encourage the public to hand deliver cards to local officers on patrol.

“So our idea is we wanted everyone to attach a $6 gift card to keep with the theme,” Harvey said. “So we suggest you tape them on and sign it because we want them to know you personally gave this to them.”

Steppe said the event started with a group of four individuals and quickly spread to more than 15 states.

“In four days, people were nationally asking us from Florida, Minnesota, California and Oklahoma” she said. “We live in a community where law enforcement is liked, but there are other places that it’s not. And for us to see it is making it to those places is amazing. “

They said seeing the positive feedback and smiles of the officers it what keeps them going. Their hope is that it continues to spread.

Steppe said they want for everyone to know about it worldwide.

“But right now, our nation needs it so bad,” she said. “If we could concentrate on all of our guys here in the U.S. and in Texas, of course.”

Their next event is August 6. People can also donate gift cards that will be placed with an officer from around the area.