LUBBOCK, Texas — Bernardo Mendez, 43, pleaded guilty to first degree Murder on Thursday in the 2015 death of 51-year-old Herbert Fetherolf and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He will receive credit for nearly eight and a half years of time served behind bars.

According to court records previously obtained by, Fetherolf’s body was found at the Villa Del Norte apartment complex on March 26, 2015. It was believed he died on March 18.

An arrest warrant stated Fetherolf suffered from multiple impacts to his head, several fractured ribs and defensive wounds on his hands. A witness stated Mendez told him that he was with Fetherolf at a vacant apartment and Fetherolf was “talking s*** to him,” so he beat him with a sink, according to court records.

The warrant also stated Mendez “laughed and bragged about assaulting the old man” to a witness because he said Fetherolf “looked at his girl.”

Mendez was later arrested on March 31 in the 1300 block of Avenue A.