LUBBOCK, Texas — Breedlove told on Thursday that it has assisted in sending 5.4 million meals to villages in Ukraine over the past year. All those meals are being prepared here in Lubbock.

The non-profit started in Lubbock 30 years ago and has assisted in providing food all over the world.

Billions of meal servings have been prepared and shipped to those who need it most, some even making their way to those in Sukachi, Ukraine, one of the villages hit hard during the Ukraine and Russian war.

Stacy Saultz, Breedlove’s marketing and mission engagement specialist, said seeing pictures of the food arrive is her favorite part.

“This is where their school, the community where their school or their home was. 

And as you can see, that’s just remnants now,” Saultz said. “Receiving the photos that we’ve shared with you is truly one of the biggest joys of my job. seeing the actual impact of the food that we have sent and the people that it is going to.

Michelle Logan, Breedlove’s marketing and government relations manager said they’ve had a hand in many disaster relief efforts all around the world.

“We respond to different emergencies whenever called upon,” Logan said. “The crisis in Ukraine, earthquakes such as in Turkey and in Syria, In Haiti, we had a huge presence in Haiti for the earthquakes and also for the Hurricanes there, so we stand ready to be able to provide this life-giving food all around the world.”

Logan said they owe the possibility of being able to make these donations to the great people of West Texas.

“We very much appreciate it, because of their outpouring of support, we’ve been able to provide over 2 billion meals across the world over the last 30 years, so we very much appreciate that,” Logan said. 

Breedlove is also in the process of trying to get food to Turkey and Syria following the February earthquakes. 

They’re also sending food to other places like Peru and the Dominican Republic that will go out to those in need next week.

If you’d like to donate, you can visit the Breedlove website.