LUBBOCK, Texas —  A Lubbock man was arrested and charged with Assault of a Public Servant, Taking a Weapon From an Officer, Burglary of a Building and Resisting Arrest for Search or Transport on May 16, according to a report from the Lubbock Police Department. The suspect was identified as Kenneth Davis, 29.

According to the report, officers were on a watch due to “consecutive burglary occurrences” at a variety store in the 2600 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.  At approximately 3:00 a.m., the officer heard someone break the glass at the front window of the business, said the report.

The report stated the officer saw Davis enter and leave the business through the broken window.

The officer approached Davis with a police issued taser and “commanded him to stop.”

According to the police report, Davis complied, however he resisted when the officer tried to turn him around.

This had caused a beer can to be flung out of his backpack and towards the officer, said the report. During the course of action, Davis “turned and reached out towards [the officer’s] taser.”

“We began to grapple,” said the report. 

The report stated that Davis had touched the officer’s “duty belt” multiple times. The officer believed Davis was attempting to take his taser, said the report.

The officer had quarreled with Davis in an attempt to control him multiple times, according to the police report.  

A third officer came to assist with Davis and stunned him “approximately 5-7 times with his issued taser in the leg,” said the report. The officers on scene were able to secure Davis in handcuffs, ending the resistance.

According to the report, one officer suffered minor injuries from the altercation with Davis. 

Davis was transported to the Lubbock County Detention Center, said the report. As of Tuesday, Davis remained at LCDC with bonds totaling $37,500, according to Lubbock County records.