LUBBOCK, Texas — Justin David Musgraves, the former Deputy Director of Emergency Management, was caught with thousands of images and/or videos of child pornography according to newly released court documents.

Musgraves signed a plea deal on Friday, which was then entered into official court records on Monday.

Musgraves was both a City of Lubbock employee as well as a volunteer firefighter with the City of Shallowater. He had a tablet computer owned by Shallowater in his possession.

In September 2020, University Medical Center took temporary possession of the tablet for software installation. That’s when the images and videos were discovered.

“The Texas Rangers and a forensic examiner from Homeland Security Investigations examined the tablet and a micro-SD card that was in the tablet,” court records said. “Located on the tablet’s hard drive and the micro-SD card were approximately 5,213 photos and 1,597 videos of child pornography, including photos and videos of children ranging in ages between two years old to 17 years old.”

Investigators looked at surveillance video for a two-month period, and it showed Musgraves is “almost exclusive possession” of the tablet.

Musgraves admits in the plea agreement that he watched child pornography at times in his City of Lubbock office at the Lubbock Emergency Operations Center.

Musgraves resigned last week according to the City of Lubbock.

Prior to the plea deal, Musgraves, through his attorney, claimed he was innocent.

If the plea agreement is approved in court, Musgraves will be sentenced at a later date to no more than 20 years in prison. After his prison time, he will be required to register as a sex offender.