LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Organization ‘Found‘ has made it their mission to make sure students in school don’t go without food or basic necessities.

The organization’s Founder Shea Politte said the initiative started small with just snack bags, but the demand keeps growing and so have the resources.

“We are working with communities in schools site coordinators and any of our campus contacts anytime they have a need,” Politte said. “Whether it’s for clothing, hygiene items, school supplies, snacks or even shoes. They can reach out and let us know what’s going on and we can find what we have in this space.”

Politte has transformed rooms at the Found facility adding spaces filled with clothing, hygiene products and school supplies.

Cayla McCabe Volunteer and Owner of True Order set up the clothing space free of charge because of her heart for Politte’s mission.

“She really cares about the children. I love this space because it’s a great place for people to come in and pick out really great clothes for kids,” McCabe said. “I guess my favorite thing about volunteering is knowing that my time is going to the greater good, and going to helping children and helping them go to school every day to feel like they are loved and seen.”

“Our heart is for kids to trust that school is a safe space, that they can speak up about their needs and their needs can be met there,” Politte said.

Last year, the organization gave over 20,000 snack bags and Politte says none of this can be done without the generosity from the community.

To learn how you can make a snack or clothing donation click here.