Lubbock organization holds 40-day protest-like-vigil to end abortions

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock chapter of an international organization called 40 Days for Life is spending the next 40 days standing outside of Lubbock’s Planned Parenthood clinic for a protest-like-vigil to end abortions everywhere.

“That our soul mission is to pray and fast for an end to abortion,” said Candace Young, the Lubbock organizer for 40 Days for Life.

The group plans to pray, fast, and do community outreach in the hopes of eventually putting an end to all abortions.

“This is a human right. We are humans, and we should protect other humans, and that’s what we are here for, and that’s why we pray, and we won’t stop,” said the Media coordinator for 40 days for life, Cynthia Aviles.

The organization hoping not only to end abortions but to tell women about other options available to them.

“It’s not only supporting them to help them choose life but supporting them beyond the birth itself of the baby, and even if they need financial support, we are here for them. We want to support them not just right now in choosing life, but throughout their pregnancy, their birth, their delivery and raising the child as well,” said Young.

Planned Parenthood responded in a statement: “We are familiar with people who harass our staff and patients. Our focus is on our Lubbock patients seeking breast and cancer screenings, wellness exams, treatment for UTIs and STDs, birth control to plan and space their families and resources for anyone seeking an abortion who is now forced to leave the state due to Texas’ abortion ban.”

But 40 days for life says their volunteers are told not to interact with those going inside the clinic.

“Stopping abortions is not just about telling a woman you can’t have an abortion. It’s telling our system you have failed so much. You have failed in foster care, you have failed in adoptions and abortion many times is used as an excuse for not doing the work, and no, we have to do the work,” said Aviles.

While abortion is already Banned in the City of Lubbock and recent laws passed are seen as progress by the group, 40 Days for Life said they would continue to pray for those seeking abortions and those providing them until all abortions have come to an end.

“It’s not over. It’s far from over, and if we think our fight is over for ending abortion then we are wrong, and that’s why we need to be here,” said Young.

The group’s efforts will end October 31, and they said they always welcome more folks to volunteer with them.

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