LUBBOCK, Texas — Two Lubbock parents were arrested Friday night after police found that their house was not in a livable condition, a police report said.

Cristobal Navrette Medina, 37, and Deborah Ramos were arrested on charges of child endangerment.

The Lubbock Police Department was called to the 200 block of 39th Street in reference to a civil disturbance.

According to the report, officers knocked on the front door of the residence and no one responded.

They were able to walk through a large opening in the fence surrounding the backyard and entered the house through the open backdoor.

Officers found two children walking around in diapers, and large cockroach infestations on the ceiling, floor and walls, per the report. Cockroaches also covered food remnants on the kitchen floor and clothing on the ground.

The children were home with their older brother and his girlfriend who were asleep at the time, per the report.

In addition to the cockroaches, there were used female hygiene products on the bathroom floor and broken ceramic plates near the kitchen, according to the police report. The garage area was covered in a one-foot deep pile of clothing and other objects.

Once Ramos and Medina returned to the house, they were arrested, the report says. Medina told police that he had marijuana in his pocket, and police found a plastic bag containing a leafy green substance.

As of Sunday afternoon, Medina remained at the Lubbock County Detention Center. Ramos was not listed on its active roster.

Note: Public records use two different spellings for Medina’s middle name: “Navrette” and “Navarette.”