LUBBOCK, Texas – Several bathroom parks across Lubbock have begun to receive renovations and replacements. Back in April KAMC reported unfavorable conditions in park bathrooms across the city, which Parks and Recreation said was due to winterization and age. 

“I just thought it was disgusting. None of the kids wanted to go in, they wanted to go home and use the restroom, so I had to take them home to use the restroom and come back to the park,” said Haley Bosquez, a resident who goes to Maxey park daily. 

The restrooms had chipped paint and no doors, some which have been around since the 1950s. Now, they are currently in the process of getting new paint jobs and complete renovations. 

“I feel like they understand and it’s making us more comfortable and safe to go take our kids,” said Bosquez.  

Lubbock Parks and Recreation is planning on renovating 7 restrooms and completely replacing 5, the replacements are expected to take up to 6 months and is all completed through ARPA funding. 

“I’m very, very happy because if not, we would have been going to a convenience store or something and using the bathroom because I definitely need doors on the bathrooms,” said Lacy Jones, Resident. 

Park bathrooms were closed for winterization during the colder seasons; the city now decided to complete routine check-ups and maintenance on the restroom during the winter season to make sure the bathrooms remain in good condition. 

“It made me feel like the city cared about the public and the necessities of people who use the park,” said Lubbock resident Jen Davis.