LUBBOCK, Texas — On Saturday, the Lubbock Police Department encouraged gun owners to remove firearms from their vehicles.

In a Facebook video, police said over 830 firearms have been stolen out of vehicles since 2017 and completely removing guns “discourages thieves.”

Scott Harmon, a license-to-carry instructor, says gun owners must remember their responsibility.

“The gun goes with you when you go in a house and comes with you when you come out of the house,” Harmon said.

Some gun owners believe they have no choice but to leave their firearms in their vehicles, but he recommends a “strong box” placed in the vehicle.

“Either bolted to the floor or bolted in the trunk area of your car,” Harmon said. “Put your gun in and lock it up.”

If that is not an option, Harmon said gun owners should avoid places where firearms aren’t allowed.