Lubbock PD offers training courses for active shooter situations

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Following the deaths of 29 people in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, OH, corporal with the Lubbock Police Department, Chris Paine, offered a look into his active shooter training on Wednesday.

Paine said he has been conducting active shooter training for some time. He said his classes are not very physical, but instead focus on getting people to feel confident if they ever find themselves in a violent shooter situation.

“You are most comfortable and confident when you’ve identified and have been taken through a set of reality based training,” Paine said.

Paine said there are many things people can do to prepare for the worst.

“We need to focus on our community as well and unarmed citizens as well, even armed citizens at times,” Paine said.

Paine said he’s met with more than half a million people for active shooter training.

“Not that we tolerate it but we accept that this is a crime currently within our communities and so with that being said, we need to also make it a point to train ourselves,” Paine said.

Paine said like preparing for fires or tornadoes, it’s good to have a plan.

Some tips include paying attention to how doors open and close, and staying aware of exits. He also suggested using regular objects as possible weapons. He added this training can be useful before police arrive.

“So it’s that maybe 30 seconds to two and a half minutes that we focus on in that training that we offer,” Paine said.

People in Lubbock have different opinions about whether they are prepared.

Blu Wells said he feels he’s prepared because he constantly keeps a gun on him.

“We’re gun-loving Texans and we talk about it and we hunt and fish,” Wells said.

Meanwhile, Danny Thompson and James Harris disagree.

“We’re not prepared for it but I figure you know,with a little teaching and stuff like that we’ll be even better prepared,” Thompson said.

“I don’t know what the world’s coming to, it’s just weird that somebody just wants to go out and kill people,” Harris said.

Paine said anyone can take the course and it is offered year-round. He said each course is individualized according to venue.

For more information call 806-775-2420.

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