Lubbock Police and Lubbock Fire reinforce policy: no fireworks within city limits

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LUBBOCK, Texas – As the 4th of July weekend approaches, the Lubbock Police Department, along with Lubbock Fire Rescue, are reminding citizens that fireworks, of any fashion, are not allowed within the Lubbock city limits.

According to the Lubbock Code of Ordinances Article 10.08, violators can be fined up to $1,000.

“Our goal is voluntary compliance as often as possible,” said Allison Matherly, spokesperson for the Lubbock Police Department. “Repeat violations can lead to a citation and confiscation of the fireworks as well.”

Residents are allowed to shoot fireworks in the extra-terrestrial jurisdiction (ETJ) portion of Lubbock County. Phillip Grandon, spokesperson for Lubbock Fire Rescue, said if residents choose to do so, safety should be a top priority.

“Something as seemingly harmless as a sparkler can burn up to two thousand degrees,” said Grandon. “Most people will hand these to their small children but just know that if they put their hand on that part, it’s gonna burn their hand extremely badly.”

Grandon also said consider those who may live nearby as well.

“Think about veterans or people with some type of trauma from all the loud noises,” said Grandon. “The constant popping and explosion noises can have a bad effect on them.”

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