The following is a press release from the Lubbock Police Department:

(LUBBOCK, TX) – The Lubbock Police Department is debuting a new online reporting system designed to make the filing of online police reports easier for the public, all while decreasing the time it takes for reports to be created and filed for non-violent crimes.

The system, called “Coplogic,” is located on the department’s website at under the “Reports and Forms” tab. The system replaces the former system of Ten8Tech. 

Upon selecting “File Crime Report,” the system will take the user to a separate page, allowing them to select the incident type, while simultaneously giving a definition and example of each type of crime in order to help the reporting party more easily narrow down and select the appropriate category of crime. From there, multiple questions are asked about the crime, allowing as many details as possible to be gathered before the report is officially created within the department’s system.

Once a report is created by the user, a case number is assigned. The report then goes through the department’s records system before being assigned to the appropriate unit for investigation.

The online reporting system is designed for multiple types of crimes, including theft, fraud and other property crimes. In addition, house watch requests and drug tips can also be made through the new system. However, not all crime types will fit the criteria for online reporting.

While the LPD encourages the use of this new online reporting system, members of the public are always welcome to call the Lubbock Police Department’s non-emergency number at (806) 775-2865 to request to meet with an officer to file a report in person. They can also file a report at the front desk of police department headquarters, located at 916 Texas Avenue, or they can go to their local division station, which are located at the following addresses: East – 1901 East 19th Street, South – 14005 Indiana Avenue, North – 5910 Erskine Street and file a report at the front desk there.

End of release.