Lubbock Police were called to the emergency room of University Medical Center early Monday morning.  Someone was brought into the ER from another location with a gunshot wound.

A police report said Shaquile Mackey called a cousin to say he had been shot.  The cousin found him near 50th Street and Quaker Avenue.  The cousin told police at UMC that Mackey had been shot in the hip.

The cousin wrapped the wound with a towel and took Mackey to UMC, according to a police report.

“I was unable to understand much of what [the victim] was saying,” the police report said.  “[The victim] did advise that he believed this had happened to him because he had cursed at his mother and Jesus had got him back.”

“No one was able to give me the location the shooting had occurred,” the police report said.

Police searched from 41st Street and Orlando Avenue, back to 50th Street and Quaker Avenue looking for a crime scene. 

“But none was found,” the police report said. A suspect was also not found. 

UMC said Mackey was treated and released.