LUBBOCK, Texas — The temperature on Thanksgiving is expected to be 35 degrees, and Lubbock Fire Rescue gave homeowners traveling for holidays some things to remember for their heaters before they hit the road.

LFR recommended homeowners get their heaters cleaned out by an HVAC specialist before leaving to ensure everything works properly. Homeowners should also leave their heaters on to prevent pipes from freezing during your trip.

Lubbock Fire Rescue said several homeowners set their heater to a certain temperature so the heater will kick in if it falls below a certain temperature inside the house.

In addition to LFR’s tips for heaters, Lubbock Police gave homeowners things to do to prevent break-ins while traveling for the holidays.

  • Lock and secure all entrances to your home (doors, windows, garage doors, pet doors, etc.)
  • Ask a trusted family member, friend or neighbor to check on your home and pick up your mail.
  • Leave a porch light on
  • If you have a security system and/or cameras, enable them before you leave
  • Only share that you’re traveling with those who need to know (family, friends, trusted neighbors, employers, etc.)

LPD said homeowners can also put their homes “on a watch,” which means officers will watch their homes frequently while they are gone. If you would like to request a watch, click here.