LUBBOCK, Texas — Peoples Bank and the Lubbock Police Department warned the public on Monday about a scam involving people pretending to be local financial institutions.

Peoples Bank said in a social media post that bank phone numbers in the area were being “spoofed,” meaning the actual bank phone number was showing up on caller IDs. The bank said scammers are pretending to be employees and wanting to verify charges, account numbers, pin numbers and other sensitive information.

“The victims are giving up their information and the scammers are gaining access to the account and withdrawing funds,” Peoples Bank stated.

The Lubbock Police Department stated a financial institution will “never ask for your pin over the phone.”

If you get a call that sounds like it could be a scam, LPD recommended telling the caller you’d feel more comfortable talking in person and hang up the phone. Peoples bank recommended calling the bank directly if you get a suspicious text, phone call or email.