LUBBOCK, Texas (Press Release) — The following is a press release from the Lubbock Police Department. The Lubbock Police Department is releasing body-worn camera videos that capture the entire contact from an arrest involving an officer using force while bringing an individual into custody.

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The officer’s command staff was immediately made aware of the incident, and the initial steps of reviewing the use of force began, per policy. The department completed the initial review of the officer’s report and available body-worn camera associated with the incident, and has found the officer’s use of force to be within the department’s policies and procedures.

Image of David Allen McDannels from Lubbock Co. Detention Center

While the officer was patrolling the area of 5700 50th Street, he observed David Allen McDannels stepping into the street and standing in the roadway to solicit a ride, contribution, employment, or business from an occupant. McDannels received an object from a vehicle in the roadway.

The officer made verbal contact with McDannels, advising him that he had been given prior warning about stepping into the street and that he had observed McDannels soliciting from the roadway. McDannels responds indicating he will take the ticket. After collecting identifying information from McDannels, the officer returns to his patrol vehicle to begin the process of issuing the citation.

While in his vehicle, the officer observed McDannels stepping into the street to continue soliciting from the roadway, and again receiving an object from a vehicle.

The officer spoke with McDannels from his patrol vehicle, and advised McDannels he would be receiving a second citation for the additional violation. Based on McDannels’ continued violations, the officer made contact with his supervisor requesting to instanter the citation and received approval. He also requested a second officer respond to assist in the arrest.

Upon making contact with McDannels and asking him to place his hands behind his back, McDannels began to actively resist arrest. The two officers prevented McDannels from fleeing and placed him on the ground using an open area takedown; McDannels continued to actively resist arrest. The officer used three closed fist strikes to the lower torso/abdomen area to gain compliance. This compliance tactic falls within LPD’s less-lethal use of force policy. The officers were able to place McDannels in handcuffs at this time, and immediately inspect and inquire if McDannels was injured.

The department’s investigation of all materials depicting this incident found that the officers involved followed policies and procedures.