LUBBOCK, Texas— Power outages in Lubbock can occur periodically due to bad weather or  unplanned events. The Lubbock Police Department reminds citizens “what to do when traffic signals are out,” in a social media post.

After an overnight storm on Friday, thousands of Lubbock Power & Light customers were impacted by a power outage that morning, according to a report from

The power outage had affected homes and businesses and also affected traffic signals around the City of Lubbock.

When traffic signals go out, officers will be out directing traffic, said the post. LPD reminds drivers to follow officer’s directions when the situation occurs.

LPD emphasized that when encountered at a non-working traffic light, “treat it as a 4-way-stop sign.”

TxDOT also reminded the City of Lubbock that it will be an “All way stop at dark signals.”

Lubbock Police said, “There is no need to call 911” when a light is out. Instead, use the non-emergency number, said LPD.