Lubbock Police seeing a high number of pedestrian-involved crashes, some fatal

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LUBBOCK, Texas — According to the Lubbock Police Department, this year alone, there have been 46 crashes involving a pedestrian. Six of those were fatal.

“The reason it looks so pronounced right now is the number of those ending in a fatality,” said Lieutenant Leath McClure. “Those pedestrian versus car [crashes] quite often don’t all result in a loss of life.”

Lt. McClure said most of these crashes are a result of pedestrians walking across the street in unmarked intersections.

“Most of these are happening at night when there is low visibility,” said Lt. McClure. “Crossing the road at places that aren’t designated intersections like the interstate, the loop places that aren‘t extremely well lit.”

Police say there are ways for both pedestrians and drivers to prevent these types of accidents from happening in the future.

“Wear bright clothing and take a few seconds to walk to the nearest intersection and crosswalks,” said Lt. McClure.

As for drivers, it’s important to stop quickly if you see a pedestrian in the street, in order to avoid hitting one.

Lubbock Police encourage pedestrians to refrain from putting themselves in a dangerous situation in order to keep both themselves safe and drivers from trouble.

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