LUBBOCK, Texas – Lubbock Power and Light is sending out linemen and supporting crew to Florida to help assist with Hurricane Ian. 

Currently at a Category 3, Hurricane Ian had winds up to 125 mph when it reached Cuba. It’s expected to be a category 4 as it targets Tampa. 

LP&L has 15 trucks with 18 crew members scheduled to leave Wednesday morning. The crew will stage in Jackson, Mississippi and Montgomery, Alabama until the storm passes. Once the storm passes crews will then head to Lakeland, Florida to assess the damage and provide assistance. 

In a press release, LP&L stated “The 18 crewmembers departing for Lakeland include two construction crews, three service crews and one mechanic. The call out for assistance comes as a result of a mutual service agreement signed by LP&L to assist in these types of disaster recovery events.  The last time LP&L was called upon was in response to the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Laura in and around Newton, Texas. “

Several crew members spoke out about the roles they’ll be taking in providing aid. 

“When you go to a storm, you’re not just working a regular day, you’re doing 16 hour days, you’re working seven days a week, you’re, you’re pushing yourself, yourself, your body, your peers,” said Anthony Reynolds, Power Line Maintenance Foreman.

The crew members are anticipating to be there for about 3 weeks but plan on staying until the job is done.  

“We take a tremendous amount of pride in being able to represent our company and our city and be able to travel and contribute to the cause and to help everyone out,” said Brad Harrison, Power Line Maintenance Foreman.