Lubbock ranked as fourth deadliest city for speeders

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LUBBOCK, Texas – When people think of the deadliest cities in Texas for speeders on the road, Lubbock probably is not the first city to come to mind. However, Lubbock does rank on that list.

From 2012 to 2017, Lubbock had 47 traffic accidents related to speeding, according to a report compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

For 2017, the number of speeding annual fatality rate averaged 3.06 per 100,000 residents, according to an article based off the numbers from NHTSA. What that means is that Lubbock’s fatality rate due to speeders is 12 percent higher than the average from other various cities in the state with at least 250,000 population.

How is it possible that Lubbock has that many fatalities due to speeding each year? Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. Johnny Bures said it may be due to the amount of people from out of town who drive through the hub city.

“We have a lot folks traveling in to come see the doctor, or to go shopping,” he said. “There’s [also] college students driving from different cities.”

He said where he tends to see crashes all the time is at Highway 87 and Woodrow Road. However, he said since a flyover has been put in place, it reduced the amount of crashes.

“We’re starting to see that trend again with Highway 87 and FM 41,” Bures added. “Any time you have a big highway that’s intersecting, make sure you that you’re waiting to yield the right of way or stop.”

He went on to add that speeding could be a possible factor in crashes, because drivers tend to be distracted and are not fully focused on the road.

“It’s taking your mind off the task of driving and you’re focusing on something else,” said Bures.

He said drivers always need to be aware of their speed and pay attention to their surroundings.

“Do your best to not be distracted while you’re driving,” Bures added. “Do your best to drive defensively, because you never know who you’re sharing the roadway with.”

Top 5 Deadliest Cities in Texas for Speeders
1. Dallas
2. San Antonio
3. Fort Worth
4. Lubbock
5. Corpus Christi

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