LUBBOCK, Texas —  According to a report on MoneyInc, there are 20 cities in Texas that should be avoided due to crimes, employment rates, and overall quality of life; Lubbock being one of the top 6. 

The City of Lubbock officials defended the Hub City. 

According to The City of Lubbock, Mayor Payne, he “would not operate my business or serve as Mayor anywhere else,” and was convinced that the ‘list’ that was published “in no way describes Lubbock, our people, or our values.”

Lubbock, Texas is a thriving community and hosts well over 6 million tourists each year. 

Over the last decade the number of visitors in the Hub City had a 50% growth rate, said Visit Lubbock CEO, John Osborne. 

The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance reported that Lubbock is the “11th largest city in Texas and is projected to grow 7 percent through 2022.”

More people are choosing to live in Lubbock because they feel safe and there are “more millennials living here than the national average,” said Osborne. 

The City is also noticing growth in the younger population as the university, athletics and entertainment continues to grow. 

“Lubbock is my home, I am proud of our City and I welcome the opportunity to showcase our community,” said Mayor Payne.