LUBBOCK, Texas- A total of 13 people were displaced following a structure fire in the 300 block of Ave T on Thursday night, according to Lubbock Fire Rescue. However, the Lubbock Red Cross was able to help all of them get back on their feet.

“We made sure they had a safe place, assistance to get food, clothing and that’s what we do immediately,” said Monica Koenig, Disaster Program Manager for Lubbock Red Cross. “… We went out there right away, so the families don’t have to worry about what happens next.”

Lubbock Red Cross volunteers have connected individuals with other non-profit organizations that had provided resources such as counseling, utility assistance and medication replacement to those who were in need.

“We have some [priests] that are certified [and] are willing to talk to those people to [help] process it,” Koenig said. “If you had a house, you had food on your table and everything but overnight within a second everything is gone.” spoke with a family who wanted to remain anonymous. They said they are very appreciative of the immediate help from the Red Cross. The family also said when they regain stability they want to donate to the Red Cross.

“There is nothing more than to hug a person. If you can hug someone that just lost everything it means a lot to those people,” Koenig said.

One of the families affected by the the fire provided a GoFundMe account to If you would like to donate click here.