LUBBOCK, Texas– Once a year the Texas South Plains Honor Flight sends veterans on a three day all expense trip to Washington D.C. to visit their memorials.

Crown Point Health residents Don Batcheller and Phillip Blunt were selected and felt honored to be apart of the trip.

“We’re going to see some wonderful [things],” Batcheller said. “I think there is a new World War II memorial anxious to see that.”

Batcheller is no stranger to the skies spending time as an Army Airborne.

Blunt who spent 26 years in the Air Force said returning to the Pentagon was a reminder of a life changing event.

“The first time I was there, we were sitting on the grass, me and a friend and I got bit by a tick and that tick turned into lime disease; later turns into multiple sclerosis which is suffer from today,” Blunt said.

Although he is wheelchair bound, he said it won’t stop him and was grateful for the opportunity.

They both sat holding a picture from their military days reflecting on what serving their country meant to them, thanking the special people that made this trip possible.