LUBBOCK, Texas — The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, a former Lubbock City Councilman along with hundreds of cancer survivors and families prepared to head to Austin to advocate for increased access to biomarker testing.

Biomarker testing helps doctors look for certain genes, proteins and other substances to help them learn more about someone’s cancer.

“Also known as Precision Medicine is really the next front in providing the right therapy at the right time to the patient. We can tell you on the front End through biomarker testing. What impact a particular therapy is going to have on your specific cancer,” said James Gray, Senior Government Relations Director of the Texas American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.

Gray said Texans are struggling with getting reimbursement from their insurances to cover the biomarker tests.

“We believe that biomarker testing should be covered by state regulated insurance,” Gray said.

Former Lubbock City Councilman Randy Christian has suffered from Lynch Syndrome and will take part in the delegation. Christian said the biomarker testing can save lives.

“Biomarkers will definitely help my children and my grandchildren and people that will be fighting future cancer, not only in the present, but in the future,” Christian said.

Christian said the test will help go from a target to a bullseye in helping detect, treat and follow-up with all types of cancer.

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