LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock resident Ronda Farmer told on Tuesday she did not start her morning in the ideal way. When she checked her cameras a few weeks ago, she something unpleasant in her front yard.

“I see this lady standing on my driveway peeing all over my driveway, herself, everything and then getting in the car across the street and just driving off,” said Farmer. 

Instead of relaxing with a nice cup of coffee, Farmer had to clean pee off her driveway. Little did the suspect know, she was caught on camera and her not-so-good deed would soon be shared on the internet, gaining over 10 thousand views. 

The road to get to Farmer’s house also takes quite a while, which is why she believed this woman specifically picked out her home in the night to use as a golden throne.

 “It’s a little shelter, there’s a tree, there’s two cars. It’s kind of dark, my porch light isn’t on over there so it’s just the camera. It did whistle at her, which that blows my mind. The whistle is off right now, but it did whistle at her that night, so she knew it was watching her,” said Farmer.  

To Farmer’s surprise, her home wasn’t the only one taken for a bathroom. A few weeks prior, a South Lubbock homeowner woke up to some bathroom bandits of his own. Two girls drove to his house at 3 in the morning for a restroom break, the incident also caught on camera. 

“I thought that’s just crazy, but somebody needs to know that people are watching. Like it can’t be a secret anymore,” said Farmer. 

The expensive bathroom trips are punishable as a Class C Misdemeanor and those in violation could face a fine up to $500, according to the Lubbock Police Department. 

“I would have her either go to a gas station or, you know, find a Whataburger. They’re open 24 hours, so just go inside somewhere. Don’t do it on somebody’s driveway or lawn?” said Farmer.