LUBBOCK, Texas — On 100th Street and Avenue U, two homeowners have teamed up to decorate their houses with Christmas lights and sync them on the radio for people to drive by and watch.

The homeowners understand that this isn’t the typical way people decorate their homes for Christmas, and that their lights are a bit different.

“…they’re programmable. So, it’s basically a computer running everything and that’s what gives it like the fun shows where we can do all the effects and everything.” Ashley Zubia, who decorated her home, said.

If you were to drive by the house, you could set your radio station to 88.7, and it’ll play music that’s synced with the lights.

Zubia said it’s not cheap, and said that it is time consuming, so she started preparing back in October.

“It’s about $1 Per, they call it pixel. So, each light is called a pixel. It’s about $1 per Christmas light for this hobby. So, you can imagine if you have a couple 1000 lights on your house, it’s gonna be a couple $1,000.” Zubia said.

Zubia said that because of the love of the community and the love of Christmas, it’s all worth it,

“Our main drive is to do something together; to do something big for the community. I feel like the light show…. should go through the New Year.” Zubia said.

Check out the 100th St Light Show Facebook here.