LUBBOCK, Texas– A group of young bartenders competed against one another Monday to see who would represent Bubba’s 33’s Lubbock location at a national competition in Colorado later this year.

Bubba’s 33 announced in a social media post on May 15 that 10 of its bartenders were set to compete in an in-house contest called “Battle of the Bartenders.” Bubba’s Service Manager Rocco Testini told the contest consists of each bartender would be timed on how long it takes them to get a certain amount of drinks as well taking a written on the basics of bartending.

Korie Lehnen, 20, said she has been a bartender at Bubba’s Lubbock location for a month and was excited and nervous about the upcoming contest. Lehnen said she and her fellow bartenders were “strongly encouraged” to participate and everyone is “pretty competitive.”

Lehnen said the best thing about being a bartender was getting to know all of the people who come through the bar and making connections. However, she said the worst part was the level of multitasking.

She said her favorite drink to make was a cocktail called “The Exotic” as well as another drink called the “Spicy Margarita.”

The 20-year-old also said she’s hasn’t been allowed to try the drinks she makes every night due to her age. “They were trying to have me [straw taste] the cocktails but remember ‘oh Korie’s 20.”