LUBBOCK, Texas — Run LBK, a Lubbock-based running group held a moment of silence to honor Memphis runner Eliza Fletcher before their run Wednesday evening. 

Fletcher was abducted and killed after she went for a jog last Friday morning, an event that hurt the local running community.

“We’re going to use this moment to remind our local runners, especially women to be vigilant,” said Larry Lovato, one of the Founders of Run LBK.

“I always text my husband, let him know I’m leaving or text my daughter and let her know, hey, I made it home just so that he knows that I’m there,” said Tiffany Walker, member of Run LBK.

Run LBK shared a few tips for runners to keep in mind the next time they go out for a jog. 

“Always be aware of your surroundings, constantly change your route, don’t always run the same route at the same time every day,” said Walker. 

Runners are also urged to avoid sharing routes and information on running apps like Strava. 

“A good thing is on Strava not to share your exact location, you can share your map and maybe keep the streets out or maybe start your map a little bit further down the road so people don’t know your exact route because you never know who’s watching,” said Walker. 

They also recommend joining local running clubs or groups to avoid running alone.

“Run clubs are really important for the community especially to run in groups and stay connected to the community, that way you’re not out there by yourself and putting yourself in danger,” said Lovato. 

“We are a family, whether it’s in Texas, whether it’s in Memphis, whether it’s in Alaska, the running community is there for everybody. That’s one thing you’ll learn in a running community, we’re all friends and we all care for each other,” said Walker. 

For more information on future runs with Run LBK, you can visit their Facebook page here.