LUBBOCK, Texas — City Councilman Steve Massengale on Wednesday afternoon revealed the website address of the Lubbock Safe portal on Wednesday. Businesses can voluntarily opt-in at this address that certifies they meet certain safety standards to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or coronavirus.

The site is:

A screen capture of on Wednesday afternoon

Consumers can see which businesses willingly meet the higher standards to be certified as Lubbock Safe. City Councilman Steve Massengale, who is the co-chair of the Lubbock Economic Recovery Task Force (LERT), provided a recap of the higher standards in an internet video news conference.

As of Tuesday evening, the City of Lubbock Health Department (reporting for both the city and Lubbock County combined) had 43 deaths and 507 total cases with 198 recoveries related to COVID-19 or coronavirus. continues to track places that are Open for Business in Lubbock.

Special note: There may be many small businesses in Lubbock and many consumers who be interested in the Lubbock Safe portal. Please help us get the word out to them. continues ongoing coverage of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s impacts and vaccination efforts.

On Wednesday afternoon, the text of the Lubbock Safe portal said:

Lubbock Safe! is a voluntary certification program for Lubbock businesses. No business allowed to reopen by the State is required to follow these guidelines or participate in Lubbock Safe! Participation is a visible way to show that your business will go beyond the minimum state standards to provide additional confidence and safety for customers and employees. Businesses who certify as Lubbock Safe! will be listed on this page, and can be found by clicking on the Certified Businesses heading above.

To participate in this certification program, click the Certification Survey heading above. You will be asked to complete an application ensuring your intentions to follow the additional guidelines listed for your particular business type. Once the application is submitted, City Staff will deliver a Lubbock Safe! window decal to your business that you may display in your storefront.

For additional resources, please click the Resources heading above. For additional questions, please contact our Business Development Department at