Lubbock scores an ‘F’ in social distancing

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock County was given a grade of “F” in social distancing by data company Unacast.

Texas counties given an “F” score, via Unacast.

The company uses cell phone location data to generate a score in three categories: average mobility, non-essential visits and encounter density.

According to the data, Lubbock County had a less than 25 percent reduction in average mobility as of Wednesday, meaning people were only slightly less mobile than they were before the pandemic.

Non-essential visits in Lubbock County were only reduced by less than 55-60 percent, according to the data.

As of Wednesday, Lubbock County had a slight decrease in encounter density – or the amount of people gathered in one place at the same time – compared to before the pandemic. However, the Lubbock decrease was less than a 40 percent reduction compared to the national baseline, according to the data.

Texas was graded as a “D-” overall, while the United States as a whole was given a grade of “D”, according to the data.

Lubbock County was previously given a “C” grade in social distancing on March 30. continues ongoing coverage of coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery efforts in Lubbock and the South Plains

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