AUSTIN, Texas— Lubbock mayor Tray Payne said the city will receive grant money by the Motor Vehicle Prevention Authority, according to a release.

“The Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Authority (MVCPA) awarded almost $15 million in grants yesterday to police departments and sheriff’s offices across Texas,” the release said. “The funds support full-time specialized auto theft taskforces.”

According to the release, MVCPA disbursed a second grant to add 200 Automatic License Plate Reader cameras to navigate crime. The release also said law enforcement would use the cameras to investigate motor vehicle theft and burglary along with registration and title fraud.

Texans are awarded these funds by the Texas Legislature to receive better protections against motor vehicle crimes.

“MVCPA awarded $13.6 million in fiscal year 2023 Taskforce grants to continue programs already operating in the communities,” the release said. “In fiscal year 2021, taskforces recovered over 11,000 stolen vehicles, cleared 16,000 motor vehicle theft cases, and arrested over 3,000 people.”